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This pod cast was created by Debra Barclay and Suzanne "Xanna" Harris as an act of service to the yoga community. We have joined the mission to help link up the global "intentional community" of souls who are searching for deeper meaning in and through life and the means by which to access it. It is our sincere hope to help inspire others to reach deeper into themselves and discover through the principles and philosophies of Yoga the priceless essence of who we all are: part and parcel of the Universal Atman, eternal and limitless.

Our pod cast is a work in progress, as we all are. We will be recording our bi-monthly meetings, announcing upcoming events in the Yoga and spiritual communities in and around Seattle (and perhaps farther afield in the future!) and inviting guests to share their unique perspectives with our group and through our pod cast. We not only discuss the concepts of Yoga philosophy, but help each other to implement them in to our daily lives through asana, meditation or  mindfulness practices.